Testimonials: Hair Transplant

Undisclosed | 22 Years | 4000-5000 Follicles each | Australia
I had a hair problem .I have being in Australia for last 10 yrs and was not able to undergo hair transplantation in Australia. I was hesitant of trying hair transplantation from outside country. After telephonic appointment from Dr Gawri my all doubts were cleared. They had a marvelous arrangements, their representative came to pick up at New Delhi airport in a personal SUV cab. We underwent FUE transplantation of 4000 and 5000 follicles respectively. Kyra clinic is well equipped and match international standard. Kyra Clinic was right choice.
Mr. Talwinder Kang | 26 Years | 6000 Follicles | England
I always use to feel shy while going to any social gathering. I lost my hair at an early age which was the cause of my low confidence. I came to my relatives in India they suggested me to contact Dr. Vikas Gawri. After meeting Dr Gawri personally I was quite impressed with his pleasing personality. He has an excellent experience. Kyra Clinic is the most reputed in Punjab, India. The clinic is equipped with all the modern facilities and complies with high standard of hygiene. I got my procedure done. Thanks to Dr Gawri.
Mr. Gagan | 30 Years | 4850 Follicles | Ludhiana
At very early age I lost my hair. I went for hair transplantation by strip method from one of the clinic in Ludhiana. But I was very upset after getting the results. Then I came to know about FUE method at Kyra clinic.I got my second hair transplant with FUE method from Kyra Clinic. I was amazed to see the result with six months. It was unbelievable result received by Dr. VikasGawri and their team with their 'Dense Packing' technique. After me 4-5 of my friends also got the procedure done from Dr. Gawri.He is the best in his profession .I really thankful to him for giving a new look to me.
Mr. Angad | 26 Years | 6500 Follicles | Australia
I was having hair problem. For this I visited and consulted many various Hair Transplant Centres. Finally I visited Kyra hair Transplant had a one on one meeting with Dr Gawri. He explained me thoroughly about many factors involved in a successful hair transplant procedure. They took 1500 grafts from my beard also .The donor side also got healed in around 5 days. I am fully satisfied by Dr Vikas Gawri and his team. I am also satisfied with the result.
Mr. Salemi Ahmed | 36 Years | 6000 Follicles | Afganistan
I had a massive hair problem. Instead of two hair transplants in the past with a strip scar at the back, I didn’t get any good result. I was searching for Body Hair Transplant. I came across Kyra Hair Transplant Clinic online I discussed my doubts with Dr. Vikas Gawri and he cleared all my doubts. I came to India from Afganistan for hair transplant. It was my third hair transplantation and thank god it was the last too. Dr. Gawri extracted the follicles from the back of my head, from my beard and also from my chest and gave coverage to all over my scalp. I have no regrets this time. All thanks to Dr Gawri.
Mr. Mathew Thomas | 30 Years | 6000 Follicles | Massachusetts – USA
At very early age in 20’s I was started looking old because of my bald scalp. To hide my bald scalp I use to wear different caps. It was really embarrassing for me so I decided to get Hair transplantation. I came to know about Dr Gawri from one of my relatives. I heard about FUE and then I consulted Dr Gawri at Kyra clinic, Punjab for the same got good results after hair transplantation. Thank God and Dr Gawri and his team.
Mr. Marcus Valentino | 42 Years | 6500 Follicles | USA
I was having hair problem and I appreciate how effectively Dr Gawri had done hair transplant surgery in October 2013. I was touched by the care and thoughtfulness of team Kyra before, during, and after the FUE hair transplant surgery. I was very comfortable during the procedure at the clinic. I am hoping to have full growth soon.
Mr. Raufalda | 47 Years | 6500 Follicles | Canada
I am resident of Canada. I was having hair problem from long time but due to high cost I was not able to get hair plantation done in Canada. It was really difficult for me to afford that price. I was quite upset. While talking to one of my friend in India I came to know about Dr Gawri and his expertise. When I came to India I met Dr Gawri I was quite impressed. I got my hair plantation done from Kyra clinic. Now I am happy after hair implantation. Thanks to D Gawri and his team.
Mr. Mohan | 46 Years | 3500 Follicles | Banglore
I lost my hair when I was young and due to that I was looking elder than my actual age. I wanted to get rid of this problem. While I was browsing through the internet I came to know about hair transplant available in Punjab at Kyra Clinic. I navigated their website for more information. I called up and fixed the appointment. Dr. Vikas Gawri described the procedure in a very simple manner and gave me an estimate for the number of the follicles required. It was pain-free and was done in one go. The clinic is well equipped with high standard of hygiene. I recommend Dr. Vikas Gawri for anyone looking for an effective hair transplant procedure.