Testimonials: Cosmetic Surgery

Susan/ Age-22/ Shimla/ Dimple creation
I always wanted dimple in my cheeks as pretty zinta. I got it done at Kyra clinic the clinic is very advance and clean. All staff is very professional and helpful.
Prinyanka/ Age-20/ Ahmedabad/ Fat grafting for cheeks
My face was very thin and long in shape. I always wondered if I can change the shape of my face one day though my internet searching. I came to know about Dr.Vikas Gawri as a expert of cosmetic surgery. I talked to him on mobile. I sent him my pictures for advice .He advice and explained me very finer details about fat grafting of face. He is very passionate to explain every detail. I was satisfied. I am thankful to him for new cheeks.
Suhani/ Goa/ Age-34/ Chin implant and fat grafting for cheeks
I was into film industry where looks to matter. I knew from my various consultations. I had small chin. I come to my in-laws in Punjab where the obvious choice was Dr. Vikas Gwari at Kyra Clinic. He did a chin implantation to increase protrusion my chin and he also gave me the firm cheek with fat grafting. Dr. Vikas Gawri was very experienced and has artistic approach for cosmetic procedure. I wish his team for best always.
Gurmeet/ Age-20/ Pagwara/ Rhinoplasty
Due to my accident I had fracture of my nose. My nose look very broad and distorted. Dr. Vikas Gawri told me that I will need an artificial implant for my nose correction. I am glad I choose Dr. Vikas Gawri for my cosmetic surgery. I am grateful to him and he is my hero for giving me a new look and confidence to me.
Sunita/ Age-23/ Delhi/ Rhinoplasty
I had a hump on my nose. This always draw attention towards my big nose. I come to know about Dr. Vikas Gawri from one of my relative in Ludhiana. The surgery took just one hour. I was sent home in the evening. There was swelling for about one week. After one month I was very happy to see new shape of my nose.
Kulvinder singh/ Age-17/ Kapoorthala/ Male Breast Reducation
I can’t wear tight t-shirt as my other friends. I was conscience of taking off my shirt at the time of swimming. I came to know about liposuction surgery from internet search. Dr. Vikas Gawri was very helping, he explained everything very patiently. I am very happy with my flat chest and will recommend highly of Kyra clinic.
Age-32/ Amritsar/ Abdominoplasty
I was overweight and in order to get back into shape I use to eat boiled vegitables n drink cocunut water along with my daily schedule of brisk walking and running. I lost 20 kgs but because of that my skin became saggy, specially the abdomen part. I seached for top doctors in north India and zero down with Dr. Vikas Gawri. I underwent abdominoplasty and it took me around 20 days to get back to my normal routine but it was worth... The stitchline is not visible even if i am wearing saree or short tops. Now I am a much happier person and love the way I look and feel. Kyra Clinic - Highly Recomended
Shweta/ Age-22/ Chandigarh/ Liposuction of double chin
In spite of my dieting and exercising I never lost the fat in my under chin areas. So I was always conscious about my face due to this. So I got to know about Kyra clinic from one of my friends. The clinic is of the international standard and staff in very informative. I got my liposuction of double chin and was home in the same evening. I got the results in just three weeks.
Harpreet/ Age-32/ Moga/ Liposuction of abdomen
I was always unhappy because of my rounded tummy. It always comes out from my suits. I came to know about liposuction from one of my friend in abroad and then I searched from net in Punjab in which Kyra clinic was found. I read Dr. Vikas Gawri’s degree and experienced and went to clinic for checkup. I finally got operate and I have flat tummy
Age-22/ Chandigarh/ Fat Grafting for Face
I have been into stage dancing and television shows. This type of work demanded me to lose weight. I worked hard to lose weight but then it affected my face. The sunken cheeks and eyes tend to make me look dull and older. In order to restore my youthful looks, I opted for fat grafting, with which I not only gained my confidence back but feel and look more rejuvenated. Dr. Vikas Gawri is meticulous about his approach and guided me on realistic outcomes. I am glad that I chose Kyra Clinic for my procedure.
Age-32/ Moga/ Fat Grafting for Face
I had thin face and I wish to have a chubby face. Moreover my face was having lots of acne scars too. I thought of getting this treated and searched on internet for the same. I choose Dr. Vikas Gawri's Kyra Clinic for getting PRP and Fat Grafting done. I came to their clinic at 10:30 morning and the procedure took around 1.5 hours. It has been 2 years now and I am very happy with my looks which I desired. Dr. Gawri's way of explaining the entire procedure, answering all the questions I have, their friendly staff members made it an all together great experience visiting Kyra Clinic. Thank you all...
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