Procedures: Cosmetic Gynaecology


The remnants of the hymen are carefully dissected out, the edges are freshened and sutured in two layers. This will cover the vaginal opening with a newly reconstructed Hymen, except for a small opening left purposely for menstrual flow. Sometimes the hymen remnants are not present, in such cases a Plastic surgeon can raise a mucosal flaps from either side of vaginal wall to create a new hymen.


Excess labial tissue could significantly disrupt one’s life, resulting in pain, difficulty to take part in daily activities, and low self-esteem. A person going through these issues might find labiaplasty to be an excellent solution. In the procedure, the size and shape of the labia are adjusted by reshaping or removing the excess skin. If you have been feeling physically uncomfortable or self-conscious lately due to your stretched, enlarged, asymmetrical, or loose labia skin, let our certified aestheticians perform this advanced vaginal rejuvenation surgery, allowing you the chance to say good-bye to your problems.


With a surgical process called vaginal tightening, the perineum, vaginal muscles, and surrounding tissues get tightened. As women get older, the vaginal skin starts to lose its vitality and elasticity because of the fatigued collagen fibres. During the birth of a child, the mother’s vaginal muscles form a birth canal by expanding. After the delivery, it is likely to feel tissue looseness and weakness in vaginal muscles. The tissues in the surrounding area stay stretchable.

If you have issues related to muscle weakness and loss of sensitivity in the vaginal area, this procedure is suitable for you. It can improve the tone of your vaginal region and bring back the original level of sensitivity in the surrounding tissues.


G-Spot Enhancement is a painless, effective, and non-surgical treatment that temporarily alters the Grafenburg Spot (G Spot) in sexually active women who wish to enhance their sexual gratification. This non-invasive procedure makes the spot more sensitive, facilitating orgasms to occur with ease and more frequently. In addition, women who aren’t quite familiar with this specific erogenous zone can be more aware of it.


As the women ages, there are atrophic changes leading to loss of fat tissues and loosening of skin from Face, Breast and also from the Vulval and Mons Pubis area. This gives a sunken or hollowed look and a particular area appears aged and wrinkled.

A Cosmetic procedure of Female Genitalia comprises of Fat Grafting and injection of PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) at Vulva and Mons Pubis area. The procedure gives fuller, firm and rejuvenated look to these areas.

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