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Breast lift is a surgical procedure done by a plastic surgeon to lift the sagging breast. During the surgery, excess skin is excised and breast glandular tissue is modified to raise the breast position. Breast lift is advised if the breast is sagging and the nipples point downwards. Breast lift surgery boost your self-confidence and enhance your figure.


  • Ageing– As one gets older the breast loses elasticity and firmness leading to ptosis of breast.
  • Pregnancy– During pregnancy there is stretching of the supporting ligaments of the breast as the breast gets fuller. This stretching contributes to sagging of breast after pregnancy, whether or not you have breast fed.
  • Gravity– Over the years, effect of gravity contributes to sagging of breast.
  • Weight Fluctuations– Major changes in your weight can lead to stretching of breast skin and loss of skin elasticity.
  • Hormonal Imbalance– Due to unavoidable and unpredictable changes in the levels of estrogens and progesterone, can lead to undue enlargement and sagging in certain females.


Mammaplasty, popularly known as breast reduction surgery wherein excess Breast Fat, Glandular Tissue and Skin is removed to get a breast size that is proportionate with body thus alleviating discomfort caused by disproportionately large breasts. Kyra Clinic is renowned cosmetic surgery center known for breast reduction surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab, India that offers latest treatments through certified and experienced surgeon Dr. Vikas Gawri at an economical price.


Breast augmentation surgery involves using implants to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. Breast implants have been proven to be safe and does not affect functions of the breast. Nor do they cause or increase the chance of tumors or breast cancer. Even breast feeding can be done normally later. The scars of surgery are well hidden and the breasts look and feel natural. Fondling of breasts are to be avoided for a month. The incision can be made under the breast, around the nipple or in the armpit. It generally takes two to three hours to complete the entire procedure. The US FDA has approved silicone gel implants for breast augmentation. Implants are available in various sizes. The outer surface may be smooth or textured, and implants come in various shapes to meet the individual woman’s needs.


Fat grafts are used for breast augmentation, which is a natural procedure to create a fuller look. However, this procedure offers natural results, without any extreme enhancement. The procedure is minimally invasive and the fatty tissues are acquired from the patient’s thighs, hips, butt or tummy. The fat is strategically transferred to the breasts, which improves the size and shape.


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