Where to get breast reduction surgery

Where to get breast reduction surgery

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Breast Reduction surgery is a surgical process to get rid of excess fat from women’s chest, thus making them smaller and more proportionate to body size.

Large breasts are a concern for a lot of women who find it difficult to lead a normal life with the excess bulge on their chest.

It causes both emotional and physical distress in most women due to the discomfort they bring along.

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Women with extremely large breasts suffer through body aches like chest, shoulder, neck and back pain while doing their daily chores.

It causes irritation in lower chest area due to excessive weighted bra and cause pain and rashes in shoulder due to its pulled down straps. Most women face difficulty in movement, performing exercise and perform certain actions like lifting things up and bending downwards or sideways due to their breasts. Sleep difficulty is another problem associated by large breasts.

Not to mention the unwanted attention in your locality, office and public events and jealousy by your female friends and co-workers. Disproportionately large breasts can be a reason for ridicule and sexism causing low self esteem due to negative body image perception in women.

Therefore if you are facing the above issues or feel breast reduction is the right choice for you then you should only choose the best, most qualified and experienced surgeon for getting operated.

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Breast surgery comes with its share of risks and side effects like infections, bleeding, difficulty in breast feeding, numbness of breasts, disproportion, depressions, knots or lumps in breasts post surgery and if things go wrong re-scheduling of the surgery again at a later date.

When looking for a breast reduction surgeon, always choose a doctor who has a lot of positive reviews and customer testimonies, modern machines and equipment, a state of the art clinic and hospital, a team of doctors, well trained staff and lots of case studies and before and after photos. The surgeon should be conducting these surgeries on a regular basis and be able to clear your doubts and understand and respect your goals.

Have a detailed discussion with your surgeon about your expectations, medical conditions or medicines you are currently taking. Ask about potential side effects, scars, surgical methods and recovery period.

Based on your requirements and comfort the surgeon will recommend the best surgical procedure with an outcome which matches your goals and expectation.

Most women who have undergone breast reduction claim that it’s the best decision they had taken in their life. They feel more positive energy and outlook towards life, regained self confidence and esteem and find it easier to fit easily into most available dresses and undergarments. Post surgery they claim more functionality, stamina, agility and energy levels within their body.

So if you are planning to opt for a breast reduction surgery the most pertaining question would be “Where to get breast reduction surgery?” Our recommendation is to choose a surgeon who you consider most reliable and trustworthy based on your research and background checks. Don’t let geographical limitations cloud your judgment and decision making. Choose the best surgeon only no matter where is he based and operating from. It’s your body and don’t ever take such decisions lightly.