Water Jet Liposuction

“Water Jet Liposuction” is one of the contemporary techniques for contouring the body. Though it does perceptibly improve contouring, it may not be the right procedure for everybody. It is ideal for those who do not have excessive fat accumulation in areas that matter in their bodies and are not contemplating liposuction procedure with the sole intent of losing weight.

The steps involved in “Water Jet Liposuction” are as follows:

  • The surgeon identifies the area for fat removal
  • The water for the jet consists of saline plus some medications. It may also include an anesthetic, but it is not mandatory. This water jet is injected with some pressure for dislodging fat. The water jet also dislodges some of the fat cells
  • In the meanwhile anesthesia does its job, as do medications
  • A metallic tube that is small and hollow is inserted. It is called “Cannula.” This tube is attached to a vacuum for suction
  • At first, some more water is inserted through the Cannula, to help fat and fat cells float
  • These fat cells, fat, and water are then sucked away.

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Advantages of “Water Jet Liposuction”

  • The procedure often does not require anesthesia, so it is safe for those who have issues with anesthesia
  • The operation also uses gentle pressure while injecting the water, rather than excessive force that is common in other conventional liposuction methods. This means other tissue that may be surrounding the fat cells, is not disturbed, and the procedure is less painful
  • It is also less risky because the incision is small, and hardly any chemicals are used
  • The risk is also lower in this type of liposuction because the possibility of human error is low too.
  • The fat collected from the person’s tissue can also be used on his or her face to look fuller.

“Water Jet Liposuction” is definitely cheaper and less risky. It also has less recovery time, i.e., a maximum of two weeks. Even the surgery time needed for it is less.

You can consult Dr. Vikas Gawri more information and suitability of the procedure.

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