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With a surgical process called vaginal tightening, the perineum, vaginal muscles, and surrounding tissues get tightened.

As women get older, the vaginal skin starts to lose its vitality and elasticity because of the fatigued collagen fibres. During the birth of a child, the mother’s vaginal muscles form a birth canal by expanding. After the delivery, it is likely to feel tissue looseness and weakness in vaginal muscles. The tissues in the surrounding area stay stretchable.

With a vaginal tightening procedure, one can attain better control and more strength in the vaginal muscles. The procedure also improves the vitality and health of vaginal tissue. As a result, women attain their original sensitivity for better sexual experience.

We, at Kyra Aesthetic Clinic, understand how personal this decision can be for a woman. A person may feel a wide range of emotions right from the first thought of getting this surgery. So, we provide our expert consultation to help you become familiar with the procedure and resolve all your concerns. Our surgeons will study your case to recommend the best-suited pathway of the surgery and post-surgery recovery.

Reasons why you should consider vaginal tightening

  • Vaginal muscle weakness after childbirth
  • Injured vagina or prolapsed pelvis that require repair
  • Age-related muscle looseness and loss of sensitivity


If you have issues related to muscle weakness and loss of sensitivity in the vaginal area, this procedure is suitable for you. It can improve the tone of your vaginal region and bring back the original level of sensitivity in the surrounding tissues.


Beginning from the consultation, a patient is supposed to stop smoking for a month prior to the scheduled date of surgery. Smoking can reduce the optimal level of oxygenation, which restricts the blood flow and reduces the healing capacity of the body.

Also, the surgery is scheduled in such a manner that it provides maximum time for your vaginal muscles to heal before your next menstrual cycle. Our experienced doctor conducts a complete physical examination to evaluate your condition. Also, patients receive consultation regarding what to expect from the surgery.

Before the scheduled day of surgery, a patient receives a professional check-up to determine the level of tightening required. The surgery takes place under the influence of general or local anaesthesia given to the patient. The surgeon removes any extra skin first. The stretched muscles get cut, shortened and rejoined with the help of dissolvable stitches.

The resulting structure provides a shorter diameter with tightened muscles and tissues.

Post-surgery recovery- time and care

Your daily activities can resume right after you get discharged within 1 or 2 days after the surgery. However, the doctor recommends complete avoidance of any heavy exercise or work for at least 6 weeks. For the same period of time, you should avoid penetrative sex. Also, the use of tampons is not recommended for a minimum of 10 days.

Consult a specialist!

Have more questions in mind?! Feel free to consult a specialist who has the expertise to answer all your queries.



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