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LIPOSUCTION is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that removes subcutaneous fat from different parts of the body as abdomen, chest, arms, back or thighs.Liposuction can be done by different techniques to dislodge fat cells and aspirate out gently by suction.
Liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery performed worldwide.

Tumescent Infiltration

It is an initial procedure to prepare subcutaneous fat and other tissues. It involves infiltration of solution containing normal saline, local anesthetic drug and adrenaline.

  • Local anesthesia is a drug which numbs the area and
  • Adrenalin is a medicine which constricts the blood vessels and prevent blood loss.

This medical solution is allowed to act on the fat tissues for 10 minute.

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Different methods of liposuction


  • This is conventional or traditional or old method of liposuction used by plastic surgeons for last many decades.
  • In this method the fat cells are disrupted by mechanical force used by a conventional cannula.
  • It uses avulsion force to dislodge fat cells and is more likely to injure small nerves and blood vessels.
  • Nowadays, this conventional method of liposuction is surpassed by newer advance methods as Water jet lipo.

2. Power assisted Liposuction – PAL
PAL uses a cannula which vibrates at its tip to dislodge the fat cells more efficiently.

3. Laser assisted Liposuction- LAL
It uses laser energy to melt fat cells. It is advised in areas where there is very low volume of fat is to be aspirated, eg. double chin.

4. Ultrasonic Liposuction
Ultrasonic liposuction is same as liposuction. Ituses a special cannula which produces ultrasonic energy at its tip.
This ultrasonic energy breaks down fat cells to melt or liquefy fat cell. This liquefied fat is suctioned out easily and gently using a low pressure vacuum.
Ultrasonic technique is selective to acts only on fat cells and does not affect or harm other structures as nerves , blood vessels or muscles.

5. Waterjet liposuction – Body jet by Humanmed

In WAL technique, there is a special cannula which uses powerful yet gentle spray of water at its tip to dislodge the fat cells. An advanced suction machine is incorporated into the same machine which allows better aspiration of fat cells. It is the gentle, effective and safest method of Liposuction.


    1. Power assisted Lipo- Microaire
    2. Ultrasonic assisted Lipo
    3. Water assisted Lipo – Bodyjetby HumanMed
  • Kyra clinic is pioneer in north India to introduce Ultrasonic Liposuction since 2011. Dr Vikas Gawri has undergone all the levels of formal trainings in Ultrasonic Lipo.
  • Kyra clinic is the first and only clinic in north India to start Water assisted Liposuction and LIVE fat transfer since 2014.
  • Kyra clinic has Highest Standard of Sterilization, and Well Trained Staff.
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Our Approach – Special Considerations by Dr. Vikas Gawri

  • In cases of gynaecomastia, it is not wise to aim at removing as much fat as possible. Rather some amount of fat has to be left behind, to maintain the contour, especially at the upper chest.
  • Gland excision has to be done in almost all cases to give better definition to nipple areola area.In this area, an experienced plastic surgeon avoids excising too much of tissue, which creates an ugly depression at nipple-areola area called as Saucer Deformity.
  • Dr.Vikas Gawri aims to achieve a Chiseled and Aesthetic chest in each of his client by 3-D liposuction technique.
  • He believes that a differential amount of fat has to be aspirated from upper and lower chest.
  • More aggressive liposuction is done at the lower half of the chest and at the sides of the chest.Less aggressive liposuction is to be done in the upper chest.
  • Dr. Gawri recommends that Gland excision is Mandatory, though varies in quantity from a small tissue to a large tough tissue.
  • Dr. Gawri is expert to excise the glandular tissue through a Keyhole Incision, at lower border of areola using fine instruments. The scar in the areola region is forbidden and rarely seen.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

The Lysonix 3000 Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction is a device that can diminish the presence of unwanted fat by liquefying deposits and soft tissues. This allows plastic and reconstructive surgeons to reshape the body during liposuction surgery.
The system can distinguish and selectively eliminate fat from the tissue. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons noted the effectiveness of the Lysonix 3000 system in treating fibrous areas of the body that include the upper back and enlarged male breast (gynaecomastia).

Learn more about technology


It is an advance technology which uses ultrasonic energy at the tip of the cannula to melt down the fat cells. The ultrasonic cannula vibrates at frequencies higher than 16 KHz. The oscillating ultrasonic or sound waves produces cavitation by air bubbles in tumescent fluid and cellular fragmentation of fat cells.

It is basically a LIPOSELECTION that means only the Fat cells aretargeted/liquefied by ultrasonic energy. Other tissues such asnerves, blood vessels and connective tissue are spared.

  • It spares nerves – so minimal pain.
  • It spares blood vessels – no/minimal bleeding or bruising.
  • It spares connective tissue – fast and even skin retraction.
  • It spares muscles – no injury to muscle tissue.


  • Better sculpting in areas with even tough fat.
  • Less post-operative discomfort as fat is liquefied and gently aspirated out at low pressure.
  • No injury to nerves, blood vessels or underlying muscles.
  • Better definition of underlying musculature called as 3D-Liposculpting –creating areas of depression and elevation to create natural curves
  • Better results with less downtime.


The Ultrasonic technology produces ultrasonic energy and heat underneath the skin, so the cannula is to be used judiciously.

The ultrasonic cannula is kept in a continuous to and fro motion and not kept stationary.

The cannula should be in lower layer of subcutaneous fat.

  • This emphasizes that ULTRASONIC technology has a learning curve and can be used by Plastic Surgeons trained in the technology.
  • Dr. VikasGawri has undergone all levels of formal trainings in Ultrasonic Liposuction.He is practicing ultrasonic liposuction for last 10 years and teaches to his colleagues.
  • Dr. Gawri is well versed with – types of fat – how long the ultrasonic energy is to be used – how skin retracts after ultrasonic assisted liposuction.

It is an advance and safest method of liposuction which uses the gentle yet powerful spray of water to dislodge fat cells and aspirate them out. The basic principle is Hydro-dissection in which fat cells are separated using a water spray at tip of a special cannula.


  • Minimized trauma to the surrounding tissues. Nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue are not harmed.
  • Tissue selective for Fat cells only, sparing the connective tissue framework for better and predictable skin retraction.
  • Less pain, less bruising, less swelling.
  • Gentle, effective & safest method of Liposuction.

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