Septo Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery to improve the appearance of nose whereas Septoplasty is done to Correct Nasal Deviation & Improve Breathing Through Nose.

A septum is present in the centre of nose and divides nasal cavity into right and left nostrils and nasal passages. Nasal septum is made up of bone proximally and cartilage distally.

Usually a nasal septum is straight and fixed to underlying bone in midline.

But in cases of Deviated Nasal Septum DNS, nasal septum is displaced to either right or left nasal passage causing nasal deviation and nasal blockage on that side.

  • Nasal deviation is visible externally and the patient asks for improvement in the shape of the nose to make it straight.
  • Nasal blockage due to DNS is not visible externally but a surgeon can see the deviated septum by an endonasal examination.

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Dr Vikas Gawri believes that straightening of the nasal septum and fixing it to midline is the key fundamental in any Rhinoplasty surgery.
He is expert to dissect and skeletonise the nasal septum and to correct it even if the deviation is of advanced degree.

He harvest the lower deviated part of the septal cartilage and prepare a DICED CARTILAGE from the excised septal cartilage.

Diced cartilage is inject at nasal dorsum and nasal tip for refinement , at the end of Rhinoplasty.

After removing the deviated part of nasal septum, the remaining straight part which is in L-shape should be mobilised completely and securely fixed in the midline to a bony structure, Anterior Nasal Spine ANS. If it is not fixed to the midline ANS, there are chances that even the corrected straight septum will return back to its original displaced position over few months.


THE STRAIGHT SEPTUM IS is actually a L-shaped strut in surgical language, that is an outer perimeter of septum in the shape of L comprising of dorsal and caudal cartilage segments.

The part of septal cartilage below this L strut can be excised to correct septal displacements.

Actually this excised cartilage is useful to prepare many small pieces of cartilage to be used as needed in same Rhinoplasty procedure.

Deviated Nasal Septum or DNS is very common and is corrected in most of the cases of Rhinoplasty done by Dr Vikas Gawri. It makes the nasal dorsum straight and improves breathing.

DNS corrective surgery is very rewarding to patient and to the surgeon. The results are satisfactory and appreciated.

  • Dr Vikas Gawri is a board certified Aesthetic Plastic surgeon with extensive experience of more than 15 years in Rhinoplasty.
  • He is among the top Rhinoplasty surgeon of India.
  • He is trained from Dr. Wolfgang Gubisch from Germany.

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