Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

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Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

Power Assisted Liposuction, also called PAL, is an advanced technique for removing fat from the body effectively and safely. Power Assisted Liposuction accounts for faster recovery since it targets only a set area and does not damage the nearby tissues.

Process for Power Assisted Liposuction

In power-assisted liposuction, a particular cannula called the vibration cannula is used at the targeted area using an anesthetic liquid that numbs the area and then vibrates and loses the fat in that specific area. Generally, the tumescent liposuction technique is used, which retrieves the fat more easily and quickly. Once the fat gets loose, it is then suctioned up through the cannula.

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Advantage of a vibration cannula

Vibration cannula allows for precision-based incision, causing less pain. Further, the vibration technique ensures that only the tissues of the targeted area are attacked by the oscillating motion without disturbing other areas. Hence, if you want a particular place for liposuction, a vibration cannula can quickly help. Additionally, it takes considerably less time as compared to the traditional liposuction method. So, one can expect a quick turnaround time for completion of PAL.

Benefits of Power-assisted liposuction

As per Tulane University of health sciences, it is found that Power-assisted liposuction is 20% more efficient than the traditional one. Additionally, it is easier to target problematic areas such as the inner thighs and belly button owing to its less complicated procedure. The overall methodology also aids in faster recovery as it doesn’t call any kind of blood loss.

Potential risk associated with Power-assisted liposuction

Yes, there are certain risks associated with Power-assisted liposuction, which can be curbed if you choose specialized professionals. Sometimes, the area targeted for liposuction gets wrinkled or pigmented, and hence one must carefully discuss the same with the professional before starting the procedure.

What can I expect after the PAL procedure?

It is prevalent to see some swellings around the treated area. We suggest using bandage compressions to get some level of comfort.

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