Nose is the most distinctive feature of your personality. A prominent distinctive nose adds flair to your personality. It’s the first thing anyone will notice about your face as its compliments the overall shape of your face.

A smooth, sharp and straight nose makes your facial features look attractive. Many people consider a bulbous fat, uneven nose as an embarrassment and often complain about it.

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Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery is one of the most widely done surgeries for nose reshaping. If you have a fat nose, you can simply opt for a nose job to remove excess fat, straighten your nose, remove humps and give a fabulous yet natural look to your crooked nose.

Nose Fat Removal cannot be done by any kind of nose exercises or home remedies. Many people waste countless hours trying to remove excess fat from their nose by rubbing it tirelessly or applying various kinds of herbal paste and remedies which are proven useless in the end.

If you want a beautiful nose but understand that perfection is a myth than you should consult our doctors for Nose Fat Removal. Our doctors will examine your nose and apply simple nose fillings or a small surgery to give shape to your nose by filling humps and remove excess fat from nostrils, Nose Bridge and give it a desired natural looking shape.

You can simply resume your work within a few hours to few days post surgery and start looking absolutely amazing. Rhinoplasty does come with its share of risks and side effects thus only choose a qualified, experienced doctor who is performing these surgeries on regular basis.

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Rhinoplasty, Sonia

I always desired for a sharp nose , which could give me confidence with good looks. I got my rhinoplasty surgery done from Dr. Gawri and the result is amazing. Initially there was swelling but it gradually reduced to show the well defined nose.

Fat Grafting to Face

My face always looked very old and gloomy. I consulted at Kyra Aesthetic Clinic and met a Skin Specialist and plastic surgeon. They advised me Fat grafting cosmetic procedure. I saw the previous cases and made up my mind.
Today, i get many compliments for my new look. Thanks Dr. Gawri

Breast Implants, Bhavna, 28 Years, Chandigarh

I always wanted to have a fuller Breast since my college days. I wanted to wear dresses and look attractive. I met Dr. Vikas Gawri for my Breast Implant surgery. I got the desired result and am happy to make this decision.


I was advised for Facelift surgery by a doctor in Canada. When I came to India, I contacted Dr. Vikas Gawri. Some of my friends in Punjab recommended his name. He is a expert plastic surgeon with good reputation. He did my Facelift surgery and it changed my looks. I look 10 years younger now,

Vaser Liposuction – Chest and Abdomen.

I always wanted a muscular chest and flat tummy. I met Dr. Gawri for Liposuction procedure. He explained everything clearly and I could talk to few of his clients. Just 1 week after the procedure, I was happy to see the result. He gave me good shaped chest and abdomen by Ultrasonic Liposuction .