Men and women both have different standards of beauty. While ideal features for men would be a more chiseled face, prominent nose which is wider with a thick skin and a higher bridge.

While females will have a soft delicate face, a thinner well defined and subtle bridge of the nose which is usually shorter than most men.

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Men would desire a prominent, chiseled, smooth and powerful looking nose sometimes they admire noses of celebrities like Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt on face with a well defined jaw line.

Usually men will have a straight tip falling down on 90 degree over the upper lip with a wider bridge and females will opt for soft nose features and upward looking tip.

Hence here the skills of a surgeon will come into a place; cosmetic nose job or Male Rhinoplasty is a challenging job for a surgeon as he has to do the job from the inside of the nose without opening it up completely.

It’s a work of an artist to give that perfectly desirable, athletic and masculine look to the male patient.

Male Rhinoplasty can be undergone if you are facing the following issues with your nose.

  • Nasal hump
  • Bulbous tip
  • Wide nasal bridge
  • Crooked nose
  • Uneven Dorsal Bridge
  • Refined Nasal tip
  • Dorsal hump
  • Narrow bridge
  • Tip needs rotation to a correct angle
  • Nose angle needs fixing
  • Improve nose symmetry
  • Repair of structural defects
  • Droopy nose

Apart from this you can also undergo a nose job for medical reasons like deviated septum and blocked airways of nasal passage that can case breathing problems and reduced athletic performance. Only consult a qualified surgeon for your nose job.

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Rhinoplasty, Sonia

I always desired for a sharp nose , which could give me confidence with good looks. I got my rhinoplasty surgery done from Dr. Gawri and the result is amazing. Initially there was swelling but it gradually reduced to show the well defined nose.

Fat Grafting to Face

My face always looked very old and gloomy. I consulted at Kyra Aesthetic Clinic and met a Skin Specialist and plastic surgeon. They advised me Fat grafting cosmetic procedure. I saw the previous cases and made up my mind.
Today, i get many compliments for my new look. Thanks Dr. Gawri

Breast Implants, Bhavna, 28 Years, Chandigarh

I always wanted to have a fuller Breast since my college days. I wanted to wear dresses and look attractive. I met Dr. Vikas Gawri for my Breast Implant surgery. I got the desired result and am happy to make this decision.


I was advised for Facelift surgery by a doctor in Canada. When I came to India, I contacted Dr. Vikas Gawri. Some of my friends in Punjab recommended his name. He is a expert plastic surgeon with good reputation. He did my Facelift surgery and it changed my looks. I look 10 years younger now,

Vaser Liposuction – Chest and Abdomen.

I always wanted a muscular chest and flat tummy. I met Dr. Gawri for Liposuction procedure. He explained everything clearly and I could talk to few of his clients. Just 1 week after the procedure, I was happy to see the result. He gave me good shaped chest and abdomen by Ultrasonic Liposuction .