Laser Vaginal Tightening

Kyra Aesthetic Clinic is here for you with a cutting-edge technology and technique for vaginal tightening. We use proven laser techniques to tighten the tissues as well as the surrounding vaginal areas. Our professional surgeon has developed skills over more than 15 years of practice. The treatment has helped many women gain back their self-confidence and improve their quality of life.

We use a minimally invasive technique with precision for laser vaginal tightening. So, you won’t require any downtime after the treatment. Patients can almost immediately go back to their everyday activities.

  • Our procedure is virtually painless and minimally invasive
  • We provide gentle treatment with 100 percent assurance of accuracy and safety.
  • We use advanced laser technology for perfect pulse and right wavelength.
  • Our laser techniques work rapidly and efficiently to deliver the desired results faster.
  • We ensure minimal to no downtime after this treatment.
  • Our treatment assures long-term success with complete satisfaction of a patient.

Accurate and safe procedure for remarkable effectiveness

Kyra Aesthetic Clinic has the latest laser technologies and expert surgeons. Our expert takes around 30 minutes to perform the whole process with minimal to no chances of bleeding, infection or any other side effects. Hence, patients receive top-notch experience and satisfaction with us.

The body and skin contain an organic component known as collagen, made from amino acids. This component ensures the maintenance of various tissue structures such as skin, ligaments, and bones.

With aging, collagen gradually decomposes, reducing the ability of the body to maintain its tissue structure. As a result, you see facial features dropping down, age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles appearing.

The lack of strong collagen impacts negatively the vaginal tissues as well. Then, there are other conditions like childbirth, hysterectomies, surgery, smoking habits, and obesity to worsen the condition. The elasticity of vaginal tissue goes down significantly. As a result, women suffer from low-quality sexual experience, unwanted urinary leakage due to sneezing, coughing and sneezing, and other issues.

At Kyra Aesthetic Clinic, we specialize in improving the aesthetics of the vaginal region with laser treatment. Our services are suitable for all women.

1. Accuracy

Our expert uses the finest equipment for maximum precision and accuracy. Our techniques have been successful in counteracting the loosening of vaginal tissues. Precise pulses of laser light are applied to the treatment area, which immediately vaporizes the loosened, damaged skin without disturbing any of the surrounding tissue. This accuracy makes a fast recovery and quick healing possible.

2. Effectiveness

With thermal heating via laser, we trigger the regeneration of proteins and elastin in the vaginal tissues. It leads to a natural rejuvenation of the vagina through your body’s healing system. The end results give you a long-lasting and complete rehabilitation of vaginal areas with stringy, firm, and new collagen fibres. The muscle tone and elasticity of the vaginal area increases significantly.

3. Safety

We make laser vaginal tightening completely safe and virtually free from any pain.
Get your confidence back with our laser vaginal tightening treatment. Call now for a consultation.


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