laser resurfacing (Acne Scar)


Acne is chronic inflammatory condition of the skin which causes pimples on face, shoulders, neck, chest and back.

It is common during puberty because the sebaceous glands are active but can occur at all ages.

It is not a dangerous skin condition but it has significant stressful & emotional impact for an individual and has potential to leave an significant post acne scars.

Histopathology of Acne formation

Our skin contains many sebaceous glands which produce sebum(oil).These glands are present under the skin and their ducts open at our skin surface at a small openings called skin pores.When these pores get clogged the oil or sebum gets trapped inside the ducts and the glands under the skin. This stagnant oil allows bacteria (Propionibacterium bacterium) to grow causing a pus filled bump known as acne or pimples.

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  • The milder forms of acne are non inflammatory and known as blackheads or whiteheads. Both these types do not leave a scar unless you interfere with it by squeezing or extracting it. This will damage the overlying skin and result in an ice pick scars.t
  • The more serious type of acne which are more prone for causing acne scars are called inflammatory acne. These include
  • Papules, Pustules, Cysts and Nodules.These all are painful, pus filled and under the skin surface.These inflammatory acne can lead to Box scars or Rolling scars.

Types of acne scars

To decide the best treatment for Acne Scars, it is important to diagnose the different types of acne scars.

An Acne Scar is a result of damage done to skin by an acne and how skin heals from it, leaving a scar. Most of the people will experience one or more type of acne scars as under:

  • ICE PICK– visible small holes in the skin t
  • BOX SCAR- depressed,large , and punched out scars with steep slopes
  • ROLLNG SCAR- round depressed scar with smooth slopes
  • Hypertrophic scar- raised scar
  • SKIN DISCOLOURATION- reddish or brown scar , at the same level as skin .



There are variety of chemical peels which gives good result in treatment of mild Acne Scars. It is used in combination with other higher treatments.


It is called as Skin Polishing with special diamond tips probes and mild suction to remove superficial dead cells and can treat mild Acne Scars. It is used in combination with other higher treatments.


Dermapen 4 which is the most advanced technology of Microneedling to stimulate Collagen Synthesis in dermis. Collagen remodeling occurs to produce more collagen in orderly fashion treating the acne scars.

It is usually advised every fortnight, to be done at KYRA Clinic in just 30 minutes. 6 to 10 sessions are advised according to acne scar severity .


This is the latest innovation with the gold plated microneedles and RF energy being delivered in deeper layers of skin.The results are promising with 4-6 sessions advised as per case. The downtown is just one day.


At KYRA Clinic, we have US FDA approved Fractional CO2 Laser by DEKA. It is the gold standard in laser resurfacing in Acne Scars treatment. This is a novel technology which delivers laser energy that targets water molecules in the skin, to heat and evaporate the water in cells. The term ‘Fractional’ means that laser micro beams are delivered at regular distance leaving the normal skin in-between for healing. The Fractional CO2 is a strong laser treatment with downtime of 4-7days. The results are good with 2 -3 sessions, advised according to severity of individual case.


Itis an advanced treatment, in which PRP is prepared from your own blood. At KYRA clinic, we use US-FDA approved GLOFINN PRP kits and centrifuge to prepare quality assured PRP.

The platelets and the plasma part of blood is separated and is injected with very fine needles or it is introduced deep inside the skin by creating microchannels by DermapenMicroneedling. It stimulate new collagen synthesis and contains many growth factors to retexture and resurface the damaged skin. It is a promising revolutionary treatment and can be used in adjunct with Fractional CO2 Laser treatment.

7. Autologous Conditioned Plasma(ACP) by ARTHREX

This is second generation of PRP Treatment given by world renowned ARTHREX Technologies. It has advantages of

  • using no anticoagulant
  • more concentration of platelets and growth factors and
  • less painful then traditional PRP.
  • Proven safety and results

At KYRA Clinic, we use ARTHREX double syringe technology and centrifuge to prepare the ACP AUTULOGOUS CONDITIONED PLASMA which has proven results in various scientific studies.


This is a procedure done by Plastic Surgeons. 10-15ml of fat is harvested from abdomen, using fine cannula. This fat is specially treated to prepare a low viscosity fat known as Nano Fat.

Nano fat prepared contains Stem Cells which has properties to Resurface Skin by Collagen Synthesis. Nano fat graft is strategically injected into Acne Scars to fill the depressed areas and has long lasting results.


There are fibrotic bands, which pulls the skin downwards causing indentations or depressionsat skin surface.

Subcision is a procedure using a hypodermic needle to cut these fibrotic bands. The depressed scar is immediately released and new connective tissue forms under this scar by normal course of wound healing.


A plastic surgeon can excise bigger Acne Scars under local anaesthesia and suture the skin with fine thread to remove the scar immediately. The scar is completely removed leaving a fine line which fades over few months.

Our Advantages- At KYRA Aesthetic Clinic

  • We have all the modalities ranging from minor treatments to most advanced technologies.
  • All the cosmetic procedures are offered under one roof and a result oriented treatment plan is formulated as per severity of Acne Scars.
  • We have a team of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon and Skin Consultants. The advantage is there are two or three minds working on a case, at any particular time.

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