Laser Hair Removal On Nose

Laser Hair Removal is a widely popular surgical process which is quick, painless and completely safe with no side effects and recovery period.

Laser is a beam of light which is passed through the skin as it targets the dark pigment called melanin in the human hair. This beam is absorbed by the hair follicles and pigment and is destroyed by its heat. The skin remains undamaged during the process as selective photothermolyis principle is applied which only destroys the hair follicle.

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The human hair is in two stages called anagen (active) and telogen (resting). During resting phase the hair does not gets affected by the laser beam therefore a few more sessions and multiple sittings are required to burn both active hair completely.

Usually it takes 6-8 sittings for complete hair removal. Laser Hair Removal works on all body parts including full body and delicate areas like nose, upper lip, chin, bikini line, neck and other areas of face etc. You can opt for nasal hair removal at our clinic as we have the gold standard laser hair removal machine which has big and short handles to remove hair from large and delicate areas of the body smoothly without any pain, side effects and skin damage. Our team of highly experienced staff, surgeons and skin specialists provide you world class treatment and counseling and deliver upto 95% hair removal from any part of the body. Nasal hair removal will also remove pigments and marks and we will also carefully yet effectively remove nasal hair from inside nostrils.

  • Face & Neck
  • Chest & Back
  • Arms & Legs
  • Bikini Area
  • Underarms
  • Full Body
LightSheer DUET includes two handpieces
  • A smaller handPiece for Face and Neck.
  • A larger high speed handPiece for Full body.

A video demonstrate technology for high speed and painless hair removal.

Know More About Machine

A smaller handpiece with chillTip for face

A larger handpiece, high speed, vaccum assisted for legs & arms

Call us or Whatsapp us at +91 80548 02500 – Dr. Rajni or +91 81466 66880 – Dr. Shareen