Laser Hair Removal For Eyebrows

Laser hair removal is the most effective technique for permanent hair removal in the most efficient, safe and painless way.

The beam of light called laser targets only the dark pigment inside the hair follicles called melanin and destroys them. It doesn’t harm the skin and tissue therefore you don’t experience any pain, redness or rashes during or post operation.

Many people in the world are taking advantage from laser hair removal technology and saying goodbye to the cumbersome procedure of wasting time and money and regular waxing, tweezing, shaving and threading. Laser can be done on any part of the body including arms, chest, face, neck, thighs, under arms and even bikini line.

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You will get a smooth and shiny skin which will remain forever clean and smooth and no need for regularly visits to your hair dresser. There are many at home laser hair removal products available in the market, but their quality, safety and efficacy is questionable. They can cause pain or side effects and need skill to handle and operate. Therefore if you want to opt for Laser Hair Removal of your eyebrows or any body part then you must visit a well qualified and train surgeon who has modern infrastructure and clinic, is well qualified and has been performing these procedures on a regular basis. With us you can be confident as we have state of the art world class infrastructure, highly trained staff, experienced and well qualified surgeons and skin specialists to take proper care and give you best results with 100 percent accuracy and satisfaction.

  • Face & Neck
  • Chest & Back
  • Arms & Legs
  • Bikini Area
  • Underarms
  • Full Body
LightSheer DUET includes two handpieces
  • A smaller handPiece for Face and Neck.
  • A larger high speed handPiece for Full body.

A video demonstrate technology for high speed and painless hair removal.

Know More About Machine

A smaller handpiece with chillTip for face

A larger handpiece, high speed, vaccum assisted for legs & arms

Call us or Whatsapp us at +91 80548 02500 – Dr. Rajni or +91 81466 66880 – Dr. Shareen

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