How much does breast reduction surgery cost

How much does breast reduction surgery cost

Redefine yourself

Breast Reduction Surgery or Reduction Mammoplasty is the procedure to give relief to women who are suffering due to their extremely large breasts.

Now this may come as a surprise to most people, why women wouldn’t want bigger breasts? They look so attractive and give them so much attention? Who doesn’t want to be in limelight, right? Well, unfortunately not many women want that kind of attention. In addition large breasts come with many problems that most men are unaware of.

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Problems Associated with Extremely Large Breasts.

  • Difficulty to fit in cloths: – Women find it difficult to fit into right size clothing; they have a hard time choosing their favorite dress, t-shirt or lingerie. Getting a comfortable bra of your size becomes another challenge. Women can kiss short sized dresses goodbye forever.
  • Weight Issues: – Women have a hard time managing the excess weight they carry all day with large breasts, they get tired easily and weight management becomes even more difficult.
  • Body Aches:- Women suffer from lot of body aches like shoulder pains, back pain and chest pain due to heavy breasts.
  • Strap Marks and Irritation: – Breast Straps can cause irritation and leave marks on shoulders due to uncomfortable day long stretch because of breasts weight.
  • Unwanted Attention: – Women sometimes feel horrible when most men they meet can’t help but ogle at their breasts. Those glares and giggles at office or public places behind your back sometimes become too obnoxious and difficult to handle. On top of that people trying to hit on you all the time and jealousy by female co-workers is another problem one has to deal with.
  • Movement Restriction: – It gets very difficult to perform certain activities with large breasts due to various reasons. Women find it hard to get matching sports bra and performing aerobic activities and gym may become uncomfortable. Also lifting things up and bending sideways may be uncomfortable.
  • Difficulty in Sleeping: – Women with large breasts may sometime face challenge sleeping in a comfortable position.
  • Low Self Esteem:- All these problems compound to a disadvantage of low self image and low self esteem which is detrimental to mental health and general well being.

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So what’s the solution?

Women facing with the problem of large breasts should get breast reduction surgery done from a qualified and well experienced surgeon who has been performing these surgeries regularly.

95.5% of women report overall better health and positivity after the surgery. They find it’s easier to find cloths of their fittings, improved athletic performance and higher self esteem post surgery.

Before asking “How much does breast reduction surgery cost?” you should get yourself examined by a qualified surgeon. Based on your health and vital stats he would be able to suggest you the best surgical procedure and expected results.

Don’t look for perfection; see the before and after photos of prior surgeries and have a detailed consultation with our doctor to gain more confidence about the procedure.