Hair Graft – Level III

Before Hair Transplant

After 1000 Follicles

After 1500 Follicles

After 2000 Follicles

After 2500 Follicles

Hair Graft – Level III

How many hair grafts will be necessary for your FUE hair transplant? It is not an easy question to answer, especially because it depends on a combination of factors – from your individual requirements to your current stage of hair loss.

Every patient is different, and so are their goals. Hence, it is only logical that their treatment plan will also differ. For a proper assessment, it is essential to discuss your needs and goals with a qualified doctor. Luckily, Dr. Vikas Gawri, our star cosmetic surgeon, can look at your hair loss pattern and donor areas to come up with the best course of action.

What Factors to Consider for Determining the Type of Hair Graft?

As discussed earlier, there are a couple of factors that need to be considered before deciding which level of hair graft is ideally suited for you. They include –

  • Donor Density – With more donor hair available, it is possible to cover a greater area of baldness.
  • Hair Characteristics – Good hair characteristics for a hair transplant include wavy, thick, and light-coloured hair.
  • Severity of Balding – If the balding pattern is severe, a larger recipient area with more grafts will be necessary.
  • Age and Chances of Future Hair Loss – In the case of younger patients, the risk of future hair loss will be more in the near future.

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While it is impossible to predict without having the complete patient profile, here are two situations when a Level III hair graft procedure will be suitable –

  • Front Third –The front third section of the scalp includes the hairline and the central core. It is typically around 70 cm 2. As it consists of the frontal tuft, creating an illusion of density is extremely crucial. Because of this reason, doctors would recommend a Level III hair graft of 2000-2500 follicles.
  • Front Half – The front half portion of the head has a larger area as compared to the front third. Typically, it is around 100cm 2 in size. Because of this reason, it is best to go with a level III hair graft with 2500-3000 follicles for optimal coverage.


If you are having issues related to hair thinning or balding and are open to a hair transplant, Kyra Aesthetic Clinic can be of help. With world-class doctors working for us, you can expect treatment and care of the highest standard. Book an appointment to discuss your needs!

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