Freckles, also called ephelides, are tiny speckled pigment deposits that appear usually on the skin’s upper layer called the epidermis. This skin condition is majorly caused due to regular exposure to sunlight while indulging in outdoor activities such as swimming, running or tennis.

Freckles are unwanted deposits, which you can get removed with a precise laser procedure. At Kyra Aesthetic Clinic, we target your skin’s melanin component to remove freckles via a laser procedure. Selective exposure of laser light allows the pigment to heat up and break into small particles. These broken particles are easily removed through natural exfoliation of your skin.

How is the procedure performed?

Usually, our laser procedure for freckle removal requires around 45 minutes. After proper cleansing of your face, several photos of your face will be taken before the treatment. Then, the specialist practitioner will cover your eyes and apply a thin cool gel layer. A device will be used to further cool down your skin.

With the preparation done accurately, the doctor will begin the application of laser light in pulses. This will make your freckles break down.

At the end of this treatment, your skin will be applied with a laser cream along with a sunblock cream, before you leave the clinic.

How long till the results appear?

After your treatment, you will start noticing the freckles turning darker. For several days, these dark freckle spots will move from the depth of your skin to the upper surface. Then, they will be removed by the natural exfoliation of your dead skin. Some people may require a second treatment to see a dramatic improvement. The freckles will get lighter every day and fall off.

Depending on the intensity of freckles on your skin, the doctor may recommend 4 to 5 sessions of this treatment.

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If you regularly indulge in sun-exposed activities, the specialist recommends maintenance treatments once or more times every year. This will keep your skin protected from the re-appearance of freckles.

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Longevity of results

While the precise quality of our techniques makes laser removal of freckles highly effective, the longevity of the results depends on skincare and maintenance. Over time, if you expose your skin to the sun regularly, it will eventually bring back the freckles. Then, you will need another laser treatment or maybe more to remove them.

Is laser freckle treatment suitable for you?

If your skin shows the sign of freckles, you can get the laser treatment. It works successfully on everyone in the presence of our proven treatment regimen.

Combine with other laser procedures

With the consultation of our cosmetic surgeon, you can attain other laser procedures at Kyra Clinic. Freckle removal is usually paired with laser skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and others.

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