As the women ages, there are atrophic changes leading to loss of fat tissues and loosening of skin from Face, Breast and also from the Vulval and Mons Pubis area. This gives a sunken or hollowed look and a particular area appears aged and wrinkled.

A Cosmetic procedure of Female Genitalia comprises of Fat Grafting and injection of PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) at Vulva and Mons Pubis area. The procedure gives fuller, firm and rejuvenated look to these areas.


  • The procedure is done under local anaesthesia and iv sedation.
  • About 75-100 ml of fat is harvested by a syringe liposuction from abdomen or inner thighs.
  • The harvested Fat is specially treated to purify and condense it.
  • The PRP is prepared with US FDA approved Arthrex Kit and Arthrex centrifuge machine to get 4-5ml of PRP.
  • The PRP is mixed with the Fat and both are injected into the recipient area.
  • The Fat injection is done by micro cannulas, through a key-hole incision into the areas around the vaginal opening.
  • This gives a fuller, younger and rejuvenated look and function to these areas.

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It is a minor surgical procedure and takes about 45 minutes under anaesthesia, in operation theatre.


  • After the procedure, the client rest in a recovery room for 3-4 hours and can go back to her home immediately afterwards. She can do all the normal activities at home . Oral antibiotic and analgesic tablets are prescribed for 5 days. Usually only one follow up visit is required after 2-3 days.
  • There are no stitches or marks of the surgery.
  • There will be some initial swelling for few days.
  • Fat grafted area should not to be rubbed or massaged for 2 weeks.
  • You can do all the normal activities at home
  • The followup visit is after 2-3 days.

Fat Transfer can be combined with other Cosmetic procedures of the Female Genitalia as

Who is the candidate for Fat Grafting to Female Genitalia?

Women with atrophy of fat and looseness of skin in the areas around vagina.
Usually these changes occur after 40 years of age.
Can be combine with cases of vaginal laxity after vaginal delivery.

Anaesthesia Required

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia + i/v sedation.


Infection, Haematoma, Fat Cyst formation, Lumps or Bumps of Fat.
But these risks are very rare in the experience hands of a certified plastic surgeon as Dr. Vikas Gawri.


Results can be seen immediately as area around the vagina looks full and the skin looks young, firm and rejuvenated.
The results are long lasting and gives a new confidence to all our clients.

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In all cases of cosmetic procedures on female genitalia,
we keep our clients identity confidential.

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