Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Fat Transfer to Buttocks is a specialized procedure where excess fat is removed from other body parts with liposuction to inject it strategically into the buttocks, ultimately to augment the shape and size of the buttocks without implants.

The Benefits 

With the fat transfer to the buttocks, patients can overcome the limitations of genetics and reshape the buttocks and their surrounding areas. The procedure allows them to –

  • Enhance the curves of the body
  • Get rid of unnecessary fat pockets
  • Attain a more aesthetically appealing shape
  • Improve overall body proportions

The Procedure

The fat transfer to buttocks procedure involves three essential steps –

  • Fat is extracted from the donor area, which could be the thighs, lower back, hips, or abdomen, through a method called liposuction.
  • The extracted fat would be purified and prepared to be transferred to the buttocks.
  • The doctor will inject fat into specific areas of the buttocks that allow an increase in volume and improvement in shape.

The surgery is performed typically under general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or intravenous sedation. It is also an outpatient procedure, which means patients can go back home after the surgery.

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The Risks

Some of the risks associated with the procedure include –

  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Lumps under the skin areas that have been injected or suctioned
  • Loss of skin in areas affected by infection
  • Fat embolism

The Results 

After the recovery period, patients will be able to notice a significant improvement in their lower body proportions. The buttocks will appear curvy, evident from the way it looks and the general fit of their clothes.

The results tend to last for a couple of years. However, a sudden change in weight can affect the results, so it is important to maintain a stable weight to keep the best results.

Who is the Ideal Candidate? 

Fat transfer to the buttocks is an effective procedure for improving the size and shape of the buttocks. Anybody can get this procedure done if –

  • They want to undergo buttock augmentation without getting implants.
  • They have healthy skin around the buttocks and hips
  • They have adequate fat in other parts of the body to harvest.
  • They are willing to avoiding sitting on their buttocks for a couple of weeks.

Why Choose Kyra Aesthetic Clinic?

If you are thinking of getting a fat transfer to the buttocks, Kyra Aesthetic Clinic may be the right place for you. Known for our impeccable track record in keeping clients happy and satisfied, we will offer you the desired results.

As one of India’s few trustworthy medical facilities, we have an excellent team of experienced physicians who will work enthusiastically to offer to make the treatment effective, safe, and comfortable for you. If you want to find out more, get in touch with us now!

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Call us or Whatsapp us at +91 80548 02500 – Dr. Rajni or +91 81466 66880


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