A well contoured jawline makes the face attractive in both male or female. Chin augmentation by a custom fit chin implant adds contour and strength to a smaller and recessed chin.
It improves one’s confidence and the result is Permanent.

Chin Augmentation Surgery ( called as Genioplasty) enhances the contour of chin , neck and jawline.
The surgery involves placement of chin implant of a predetermined size and shape to the patients existing chin bone.

The Chin implant Surgery

Chin implant surgery is done under General Anaesthesia and takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. A small incision is given at skin underneath your chin or inside the mouth.Through this incision, the soft tissues are separated to reach the chin bone. Then, a selected chin implant is placed over the chin bone and secured.The tissues over it are closed back and skin sutures are applied.

What other procedures are usually combined with Chin Augmentation ?

In some cases, Chin Implant surgery is done along with other cosmetic procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentation, Fat Grafting to Face, Thread Lift to Face, Fractional CO2 laser etc.

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What material is a Chin Implant made up of?

Chin Implants are made up of solid material which is biocompatible and made up of porous polyethylene or silicone.
These are biocompatible materials which does not cause any tissue reaction. Over few days, it integrates with our chin bone by ingrowth of fibrovascular tissue.
If desired, a chin implant can be cut, carved and shaped by your aesthetic surgeon as per your chin contour.

Who should consider a Chin Implant surgery?

Chin implant surgery is considered in cases of

  • A weak or recessed chin.
  • To improve the contour of jawline.
  • To improve the contour of neck, in cases of mild double chin.
  • To enhance the length of the chin.

Recovery after chin implant surgery

Chin implant surgery is a day care surgery .We call the patient empty stomach in the morning and send them back in the same evening.You will be advised semi solid diet for next few days. You can do all the normal activities at home from the next day only but it is advised to take one week off from your work .
You will be advised antibiotics and analgesics for one week .There can be mild pain and swelling which is resolved with medicine over one week. Skin sutures are removed at 1 week.


The results of chin implant surgery are immediate and permanent .
One can see the final result in just few days and it lasts lifelong.

Alternative treatments to Chin Implants

  • In mild cases of chin recession or where mild augmentation is required Dr Vikas Gawri prefers Juvederm Filler injection.
  • It is an office based non-surgical injection procedure done in doctors chamber.
  • It takes only about 15-20 minutes to inject 1-3 vials of Fillers injection for Chin Augmentation. No anaesthesia is required and you can see the results immediately in front of the mirror.
  • The latest filler injections contains a local aneasthetic medicine which makes the delivery almost painless.
  • Chin augmentation by fillers is a temporary procedure which lasts for about 1.5years.
  • Fillers can also be injected in pre jowl area for an attractive Jawline. Many clients these days prefer this non-surgical treatment over the chin implant surgery. The results are very promising and natural.

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