Can laser hair removal be permanent ?

Can laser hair removal be permanent ?

Laser hair removal is safest and most commonly used procedure for removal of unwanted body hair. People who are tired of constant grooming sessions of waxing, shaving and tweezing find solace in long lasting results given by laser treatment.

Laser is a concentrated beam of light which penetrates the skin and destroy active hair follicles as they absorb the heat. Since the beam set to target only the black hair follicles, the remaining skin remains unscathed.

It is considered the most painless and safest mode of hair removal and is considered a standard in hair removal treatments.

By using laser you can remove unwanted hair from your face, neck, back, chest, arms, legs, under-arms, thighs and even bikini line. It’s a completely safe and usually provides long lasting results.

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However, it is difficult to say if the results are permanent, they vary from person to person. Firstly, you have to undergo multiple sessions spread over 6-9 months for complete hair removal of body part.

Once you have undergone a session you will observe that hair growth goes through a great reduction and the texture, color and density is greatly reduced. This goes through an improvement in follow up sessions and you achieve 95% hair removal in 6-8 sessions. However, it’s best to undergo once or twice a year maintenance sessions to keep a check on new hair growth which depends on lots of factors including hormonal changes. Can Laser hair removal be permanent? The answer is both yes or no, although new hair growth may occur after several months of treatment but their quantity is very less and you can keep them on check by undergoing maintenance.

  • Face & Neck
  • Chest & Back
  • Arms & Legs
  • Bikini Area
  • Underarms
  • Full Body
LightSheer DUET includes two handpieces
  • A smaller handPiece for Face and Neck.
  • A larger high speed handPiece for Full body.

A video demonstrate technology for high speed and painless hair removal.

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A smaller handpiece with chillTip for face

A larger handpiece, high speed, vaccum assisted for legs & arms

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