Breast Reduction Near Me

Redefine yourself

Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty is one of the most commonly used plastic surgery in the world. Both male and females opt for breast reduction for various reasons.

Females though generally opt for breast reduction in case they have very large breasts which have lately becoming difficult to manage or sagging down due to age and size, causing them pain, discomfort and reduced movement or athletic performance.

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Other problems that can come along with enlarged breasts are sleeping problems, fitting in clothes, finding the right sized bras, bruises caused by bra straps and poor self image.

Breast reduction is although common but it does come with side effects and risks therefore don’t just choose any next door breast reduction doctor on a whim. It’s required to carefully check the credentials qualifications, past operations and surgeries conducted, experience in the field, awards or merits if any, before and after photos and condition of the hospital or clinic before opting for this procedure.

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Although breast reduction will certainly give you better overall health and confidence the risks and rewards may include:-

  • Loss of Sensation around the nipples or other areas
  • Uneven placement of nipples
  • Different breast sizes post operation
  • Difficulty in breast feeding
  • Swelling, Infections, Blood clot and scarring

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