“One of the most attractive part of male body is well defined and athletic chest.”

“The aesthetics of male chest depends upon shape and size of Pectoralis Muscle.”

HI- DEFINITION Liposculpting by Ultrasonic liposuction is to reveal the underlying pectoral muscles in chest to gives a better contour and definition with showing up of the muscular framework.

In 3D liposuction, it is actually “Revealing versus Removal”.
The focus is not on the amount of fat removal but on revealing the underlying muscles to create muscular definition and curves.

In 3D liposuction, a trained plastic surgeon works on two different layers of subcutaneous fat

  • superficial subcutaneous fat and
  • deep subcutaneous fat.

Stealth Incisions

The incisions should be planned with the patient in supine position and the arms abducted to 90 degrees.

Two incisions , each of 5mm size, are given in

  • the anterior axillary fold
  • and the areola.

Silicone ports are put in these incisions, to protect skin, for the subsequent use of ultrasonic energy.


  • For the purpose of advanced 3D Liposuction, the Pectoralis Major muscle is divided into upper and the lower poles.
  • Aesthetically the upper pole should have a greater volume than the lower pole.
  • So, liposuction is done only in a deeper plane in the upper pole to preserve superficial fat and to preserve fullness at upper pole.
  • But in lower pole , liposuction is done more aggressively in both superficial and deep planes, to create a lean muscular look at lower pole.
  • There is a triangular area on the sides of Pectoralis Major muscle, defined as a negative space, the liposuction should be aggressively done here to create a concavity at the sides of chest.

Similarly, there should be a midline groove in the centre of the chest created by 3D liposuction.

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The use of drains

The use of drains is NOT NECESSARY in gynaecomastia surgery. The incisions are kept open for drainage of any fluid.


  • You will be sent home in the same evening.
  • You can do all the normal activities at home.
  • You will be prescribed oral antibiotics and analgesics.
  • Pressure garment is worn after the procedure.
  • There should be one attendant to drive you back.


  • First followup visit is on 2nd or 3rd day to check for any swelling, bruising, garment fitting etc.The result can be appreciated at this visit and gives a new confidence to our clients.
  • 2nd followup visit is on 7th day for skin sutures to be removed ( if any ) and to check for symmetry of chest AND APPRECIATE RESULT.
  • Pressure Garment is to be worn for 3-4 weeks.

A keyhole incision is given in the areola and using fine instruments the glandular tissue is excised.

Gland excision or Gland removal

The glandular tissue is a tough tissue present around the Nipple/areola area. As it is a hard or tough tissue, it is not aspirated out by Liposuction and requires surgical excision in most of the cases.

A keyhole incision is given in the areola and using fine instruments the glandular tissue is excised.

Dr. Gawri advocates the gland removal, in most of his cases, through a small circum-areolar incision.

  • Excising the Gland tissue in adequate amount is important.
  • If we leave behind the more gland tissue, the result will not be adequate.
  • On the other hand, if the gland tissue is excised in excess, it will create a SAUCER DEFORMITY i.e, a concavity/ depression in the chest wall, which looks even worse.
  • Dr Vikas Gawri is experienced to remove the adequate amount of gland tissue in his cases, which is necessary to achieve a best aesthetic result.

The small areolar incision is sutured back with a very fine suture material so that the scar is minimal and fades away over time.

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